Pain of Death began in mid to late 2010 when I wrote the first draft for a writing competition Mrs. Rebecca Morecraft was hosting. By the grace of God it received first place prize in my age group.

In God's providence the award ceremony for the writing contest was held at the SAICFF, which I was attending. After getting back home from the festival, I was pumped and ready to go make a movie. The only question in my mind was, "What should it be about?" Then it dawned on me, "I've just won a writing contest. Why don't I adapt my short story for the screen?"

That was the birth of Pain of Death. It's come a long way since then and many changes have been made, but the story still contains the same basic message. My hope for this film is that God will bless the production and help us make a high-quality short-film which can impact people's lives for His glory.

The message is really quite simple. Christians today (particularly mainline American Christians) are far too complacent. We live our simple, safe lives and believe that things will always remain as they are. We tend to treat our faith like a good-luck charm. "Now that I'm a Christian, everything will go well for me," we assume.

This is not the case. We may have it easy in America, but a quick Google search or a glance at the Wikipedia pages on the history of the church and the martyrs will reveal that this is not something we can take for granted.  In places like Africa and China, persecution is happening right now and American Christians need to wake up and realize that if we don't start taking dominion as Christ commanded, persecution can and will happen to us.

I hope this film can be used as a tool to help others understand this and then truly live for Christ.

In Him,

Jeffrey French
Writer and Director